A: The board is a good insulator, the pad must be fitted directly to the mirror.

A: Yes, you can still use our pad, you will be required to earth the foil backing and any metal frame by using an earth grounding pad, which is available from your supplier of demista directly

A: Yes you can still use a heat pad, please ensure that you contact your suppliers / demista for advise as mounting a heat pad to close too any hole / cut-out can cause the mirror to crack.

A: Yes, demista always recommends the low voltage option

A: The standard length of cable is 1m. The cable can be extended by using a suitable junction box.

Alternatively, at the time of ordering, demista pads can be manufactured with longer cables if required, at an additional cost.

A: No, you must install the pad on to the mirror first, as failure to do this will affect the effectiveness of the pad, which could cause an air bubble, which could crack the mirror.

A: Our pads will heat an area up to 30% larger than the pad size itself. Depending on ambient room temperature, and installed as per our installation instructions.


The demista pad should not be used if the mirror has any damage, the pad must not be cut or pierced as this will render the pad unsafe to use. As the ambient room temperature rises, so will the surface temperature of the mirror. Once the demista has been installed it must not be accessible.

The manufacturer / supplier cannot be help responsible for any damage caused by improper installation or use.