Pioneering steam-free bathroom mirrors since 1990

Demista’s unique, proven technology ensures cloudy mirrors are a thing of the past. Simple to fit and cost-effective, demista ultra-slim heated mirror pads fit inconspicuously to new, or existing, bathroom mirrors and utilise innovative technology to give complete temperature stability with resistance to moisture, vibration, shock, dust and ageing.

As market leaders of heated mirror pads, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, reliability and efficiency to ensure our specialist products consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. Utilising a technology proven for more than 30 years, demista products have an international reach in a number of sectors across the globe, including hospitality, housing, marine, commercial, leisure and DIY.

The brand of choice for architects and interior designers worldwide, demista keeps bathroom mirrors free of condensation and steam, resulting in crystal clear reflections at the flick of a switch.

Going Global

demista’s low surface temperature removes the risk of overheating or damage, even if switched on for long periods of time

Developed and manufactured in the UK, demista is approved to international standards and supplied worldwide

With minimal running costs and no maintenance, demista’s efficiency saves time and reduces costs

Self-adhesive and easy to install, demista can be fitted to virtually any mirror and wired into bathroom lighting with ease

No fragile wire elements or potentially damaging hot spots ensure demista is reliable and durable

Protected by a 10 year warranty against any manufacturing fault, when installed in accordance with instructions