demista™ FAQ's

Can demista™ be cut?
No. This will damage the insulation rendering it dangerous.

How much of the mirror should demista™ cover?
This depends on what area is required to be clear. The area of the mirror that will remain steam free is the area of the demista™ Pad plus approximately 20%-30% area around it.

Can demista™ be used with safety backed mirrors?
Yes but the backing should be earthed as should all metal parts surrounding the mirror.

Is a transformer required?
Only with low volt models.

Can more than 1 demista™ be fitted to a mirror?
Yes, within the limitations of the available power. They should then be fitted in parallel.

What adhesive should be used to bond the mirror to the wall?
Any solvent free.

Can the mirror adhesive be applied across demista™?

Can demista™ be used with a dimmer switch?
This is not advisable as when turned down there would be insufficient power for demista™ to be fully effective.

What thickness of mirror can be used?
As glass is a good conductor of heat demista™ is suitable for use with any normal thickness of mirror.


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